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Senior Portraits
Wednesday, May 24, 2017
Senior Portraits

Summer is almost here and I can't wait for the warm weather. We have been working hard at the studio getting ready for a summer filled with Senior Portraits! We will be at North Haven High School on Wednesday, May 31st to let the Class of 2018 know about their options for Senior Portraits. We have a great slide show and lots of information to share. To the Class of 2018 from North Haven High School and North Branford High School, we invite you to look at all the Senior Portrait Sessions we offer. All the info is on our Website. You can also call at any time if you have questions. See what you like, choose your session and call for an appointment. Take advantage of our June Special - 50% OFF ...

Personal Touch
Saturday, April 23, 2016
Senior Portraits

Portraits can be made extra special when you add a personal touch like a handmade baby blanketor a cute little knit hat. For babies, we love when parents bring along a personal item such as an heirloomchristening gown or favorite stuffed animal. When appropriate we include these treasures in the portrait,like with this baby blanket. Sometimes we use them as a calming device or a way to get a great expression.As always, we want to tell your baby's story with portraits that become timeless treasures of childhood.  -Joan

Baby Days!
Monday, April 04, 2016
Senior Portraits

Robert has the most beautiful blue eyes that light up when he smiles. So simple yet so wonderful.A baby can't fake a smile. When they smile with their eyes so bright ... that's the moment of pure joy we look for.  -Joan

Sleep Baby Sleep
Thursday, March 24, 2016
Senior Portraits

Your baby's first days can sometimes be the hardest days of all. Everything is so new for you andfor your new bundle of joy. To balance the baby cries, midnight feedings and diaper changes, thereare moments like this one, of peace, serenity and the pure joy in knowing that your baby girl is safeand secure in dreamland. This portrait was made as the very first session in our newborn portrait planfor Leila. We used it for her custom birth announcement, welcoming Leila into her family.   -Joan 

Winning Portraits
Wednesday, March 23, 2016
Senior Portraits

I recently enterd four images in the Connecticut Professional Photographers Association Annual Print Competition.I was honored with 1 Blue Ribbon and 3 Red Ribbons, plus I won the Reuben Schaller Award for the best portraitof a child. The images were selected by a panel of 5 jurors from throughout New England and New York. I haveentered print competition for many years as way to keep challenging myself creatively and professionally. Thisyear I chose to enter children's portraits because they are so dear to my heart.   -Joan