Those Who Serve For Good
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Thursday, November 09, 2017
By Storytellers Photography
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I recently had the great pleasure and honor to photograph two amazing individuals for their business portraits.

Dave works in the mental health field as a teacher, mentor and crisis counselor. In his retirement, (his words)

he is busier than ever, volunteering for the Red Cross, teaching and lecturing across the country. I don't think he

is really retired. I believe he just changed his focus to serve and help people in crisis across our country. In the

short time I spent with him in my studio, I learned of his selfless compassion, focus on serving and helping others

and his amazing outlook on what life really means.  Thank you Dave for sharing. Thank you for all you do.


I also had the opportunity to photograph Vanessa, another dedicated, giving and awesome person. She is a nurse

practitioner with a fantastic career. She helps her patients in her career and also mentors and teaches young people

on their journey in the same field. Vanessa is as beautiful on the inside as she is on the outside. She is full of knowledge,

compassion, drive and dedication for everyone she meets. Thank you Vanessa for sharing these moments with me

and for giving me the honor to make beautiful portraits for you. Thank you for your service to your peers and patients.


What I am humbled most about is that these two amazing people are married to each other. Their love for each other

and their broad talents make our world a better place. Thank you.

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